The Harris family has a bone to pick with The Shade Room. Recently, Deyjah Harris penned a tweet about parents being mindful of how they speak to their children because kids deserve respect. The Shade Room shared a screenshot of the tweet and implied that the teenager was sending a subliminal message following the "hymengate" controversy, and later, T.I. posted a tweet exchange he had with Deyjah and his son Domani.

T.I., Deyjah Harris, The Shade Room, Hymengate
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

"It's always some BS," Deyjah wrote in the group chat. "I didn't answer their DM for a reason and they still gone post it?" T.I. responded, "No pressure my love... I would just suggest you apply More context Deyjah... IG is a place where if you don't give them their conclusion, they will definitely draw their own... Or should I say social media. I mean I didn't mean to upset you. Just givin you some game."

Domani told Deyjah that this isn't the first time this has happened and "its key words and subjects that trigger this same kind of attention that u say u don't want." The teenager answered that she understands, but "it's my twitter, i should be able to tweet what i want and people should just mind their business. everything doesn't have to be about him, this why i don't like people."

Deyjah Harris was then told that she's a celebrity—a title that she outright rejected. "The shaderoom knows what they're doing and i really hope their page gets shut down." In a lengthy caption, T.I. explained that he reposted this portion of their conversation with permission from his kids.

"So since our very public mishap (we comically refer to as 'hymengate'🤦🏽‍♂️) @theshaderoom reposts all my baby girl's tweets and IG posts and casually insinuates or assumes she's referring to me," the rapper stated. "We usually just dismiss it or laugh it off cause only WE KNOW WHATS UP WIT US‼️ But this time my baby expresses aggravation to us about it so with her permission I'm sharing our exchange." He added that their family has moved on from the controversy and it's the public who are still holding on to the gossip. Check out his post and the full explanation below.