T.I. may not be the voice you've chosen, but he's the one you've got. Of late, the self-appointed man of the people has been vocal about racial injustice, taking to Instagram to voice his growing concerns on America's racial tension. A few days back, Tip compared the fates of Tay-K and the Texas School Shooter, falsely claiming the former is facing the death penalty. While the facts behind his point were indeed flawed, the message landed all the same. The does appear to be a difference in the treatment of black and white offenders, and Tip has once again come through to expand on his original thesis.

Taking to Instagram, Tip posted another image, this time depicting the mugshots of six men; three white, three black. The white men all appear to be unscathed, while the black man have been visibly assaulted, with notable bruises and swelling. The caption reads "3 of them killed 30 people. 3 of them killed no one. Look at the differences in the mugshot." The differences are indeed easy to spot, and the disturbing content of the image is enough to raise eyebrows.

Breaking from his typical response, Tip opted against the lengthy diatribe, going for brevity instead. "explanation anyone?" he writes, with a thinking face emoji for good measure.