Another kid is being punished for sporting their natural hair. A video has been circulating online that shows the incident involving an 11-year-old named faith. The girl was pulled out of class for rocking a braided hairstyle. According to rapper T.I., who shared the video with a long caption, the school officials who made this decision are "deplorable" 

He bashed Christ The King School, which is located in Los Angeles.

" You should be ashamed of yourselves...although I know you aren’t. This young lady is beautiful and her hair is perfectly fine. Unless of course you have an issue with black people’s hair in generally? Or is it that you intended to publicly ostracize & humiliate these young ladies so they’d be ashamed of who they are and how they look... making them feel inadequate because they aren’t YOUR version of beautiful? That’s the only explanations I can conceivably come up with."

He also made sure to include some words of encouragement for the young people who are made to endure this type of discrimination.

"TO THESE BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIES who endured this covert application of bigotry disguised as school policy... I want you to know this... Your hair is beautiful. Your skin is beautiful. Your minds are beautiful. And not only that... you’re so undeniably beautiful & brilliant that you threaten anyone who tells you otherwise, to the point that they’re willing to stoop to levels as low as this to discourage you, so you’ll give up on your goals and never reach the levels of greatness they know await you. Please DONT LET THEM WIN!!!"

The rapper had reposted the video from Tokyo Vanity's page. Faith is the Love & Hip Hop star's niece.