T.I. isn't buying it. As we reported, Chris Brown was arrested and released after he was accused of violently raping a girl in Paris, France. Witnesses are backing Brown's plea of innocence, and that fact that he was released and allowed to leave France with no charges shows that the evidence must be lacking. TMZ caught up with T.I. at LAX Airport on Tuesday (January 22), and asked him about his social media post where he defended Brown.

"It's just peculiar," T.I. begins, referencing the fact Brown was hit with rape allegations after signing a monumental deal. "I know him personally, I don't really know her," he continued. "And there haven't been any facts to, overwhelming facts, to show me that what he's saying is not true. So, I'ma believe him." Then. T.I. gets to the root of his issue with these allegations. "Society right now is empowering victims, which is phenomenal. For women to find they voice and have the strength to speak out against perpetrators that's phenomenal. But, ya'll gotta also realize that it is also arming people who have malicious intent. And vindictive natures to go after people undeserving." T.I.'s statement will be polarizing, but there's truth in his words.