T.I. is one of those rappers who has always made his opinions known, no matter how controversial they are. This means that, by default, he's going to speak his mind on certain topical issues, including Donald Trump and his current reign as President of the United States. Recently, the veteran rapper dragged 45's history of business dealings and the current government shutdown by sharing a Trump meme to one of his social media accounts.

Posting on Instagram, the image that Tip shared clowns on the President's failures as a businessman, citing the shutdown of Trump casinos, steaks and even a university as strong foreshadowing of the current standstill that the United States government is lodged in. He captioned the photo by saying, "Only fools dispute facts," no doubt referencing Trump's default defense mechanism of crying "fake news" when met with a disagreeable opinion. Check out the Instagram post below.

Though plans to reopen the government still need to go before a vote, CNN is reporting that Rep. Chuck Schumer and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have come to an agreement that will help keep things running again for at least a few more weeks. No word on what Trump's next move will be or if he will be speaking publicly on the end of the shutdown.

In other T.I. news, he was unimpressed by some bars from a legendary emcee recently, giving a tepid review of 2Pac's rhymes from "Something Wicked." Check out that footage here.