Over the past couple years, T.I. has participated in an annual tradition of surprising families on Christmas Eve at Walmart with free gifts, but it turns out this year he had to change it up a little bit. After some technical difficulties which left his Delta Airlines flight grounded on Saturday (Dec. 24), the ATL rapper was able to make it back to his home state of Georgia just in time for another charitable shopping spree.

Taking to his Instagram, Tip shared a clip of him walking into a local Target store and instructing “all the single mothers” picking up gifts for their children to meet him in the back of the store where he decided to purchase electronics, toys, and more for over a dozen people. According to the post, Tip dropped $20,000 dollars in only 30 minutes.

“I’m blessed to be able to do anything I can for those in need,” his captioned read. “Merry Christmas to everyone who helped me thumb through 20k in 30mins. If I missed you… I’ll catch up with you next year!!! Happy Holidays to all of you!!!!”

As previously mentioned, the Target shopping spree was a result of some technical difficulties that left Tip stranded on a Delta air flight, and he definitely wasn’t happy about it. Tip voiced his frustration on Twitter, saying he would make it up to the people, which he of course did.

Check out the tweets & heart warming video (below).