As one of the key founders of trap music, Tip Harris' voice carries a certain authority whenever he issues a declaration. Though some critics have grown weary of the legendary rapper's flashy vocabulary and methodical delivery, T.I.'s observational and unflinching brand of social commentary has elevated him to a veritable people's champ. Never one to shy away from speaking on societal issues, particularly those involving race relations, the respect Tip carries adds weight to whatever political endorsement he chooses to bestow. And today, he took to Instagram to voice support for Joe Biden and his new running mate Kamala Harris.

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images 

Sharing an image of the new Democratic partnership, Tip voiced his approval with a simple yet effective affirmation. "Well played," he writes, popping a digital bottle of champagne for the occasion. "Congratulations." Now, it's no secret that T.I. has no love for the current sitting President, Republican Donald Trump, so some might argue that he was destined to endorse the Democratic candidate regardless. A fair point, though slightly myopic -- it cannot be ignored that Harris is the first Black woman to ever run for Vice President, with her potential win being a historic occasion.

While Tip seems to have found peace with casting his vote for Biden and Harris, that's not to say all rappers share his sentiment. Kanye West, who recently launched a scatterbrained political campaign of his own, has been an open critic of Obama's former Vice President. In fact, Kanye recently taunted Biden, claiming that he'd be able to beat him "off write-ins." A dubious prediction at best, considering how frequently the legitimacy of Kanye's campaign is questioned. Who'd have thought the back-and-forth "Ye Vs. The People" would be so prophetic?