T.I. and Tiny form one of Hip Hop's most beloved yet seemingly complicated couples. After being together for nearly 15 years, Tiny filed for divorce in 2016. The legal proceedings dragged on and have yet to reach any closure. Both entertainers are working on reconciliation instead, niggling the court and their lawyers in the process. Living in separates house has become a big factor in drawing Tiny and T.I. closer as their deal with the negative aspects of their relationship.

A recent episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle showed how the couple interacted as they prepared to celebrate T.I.'s birthday. They bantered about the possibility of his sleeping over, during which Tiny (half) jokes, "I lay in the bed and work for you every night."

Watch their funny exchange in the video after the jump.

Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

The rapper took this opportunity to clarify the status of their relationships, which he defined "rather complicated" before giving the main reason why the pair simply cannot live in the same house anymore.

"Yes, we're married. Yes, we're on good terms. No, we do not sleep in the same house, necessarily. I think our personalities are too big to fit under one roof. It might not work for nobody else, but it works for us."

This reasoning may be surprising considering how "big" their personalities have been from the very beginning of their careers into their courtship. Their separation might also seem like a drastic measure, though some might qualify their method as the rich person's version of sleeping on the couch.