T.I. is vocal about his political convictions and stances on social issues. His latest promotional clip for his studio album entitled Dime Trap, makes yet another political statement.

The video begins Donald Trump boarding a plane as a news commentator says, "Melania Trump did not go to Maralago with the president this weekend, which has a lot of people wondering." The images that follow insinuate an affair between Trump's wife and T.I.

In the next scene, the rapper poses as the commander-in-chief, looking out the window of the oval office. He pauses at the desk when the Melania Trump impersonator enters the scene. She wears a jacket, recalling the infamous outfit the first lady wore to visit McAllen, Texas, an epicenter of immigrant detention centers. The back of the coat reads, "I Really Don't Care."

The Melania doppelganger takes off the jacket, revealing her naked body. She then cozies up to T.I., grabbing his necktie and flashing her chest in his face before the pair goes off to deface a picture of president Donald Trump.

T.I. shared this video to social media with a caption that takes aim at one of his musical contemporaries, "Dear 45, I ain’t Kanye."

This video might seem random, but Dime Trap does deal with political themes. Steam the album here.