In the hip-hop world, T.I. stands among the game's wisest personalities, always willing to dole out advice and perspective. Case in point, he even stood in for "The People" during Kanye West's initial return to the game. Now, coming off an appearance at the Dreamville Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 sessions, Tip has taken to his pulpit to reflect on one of today's biggest headlines. After reports surfaced detailing Chris Brown's detainment in Paris over rape and drug charges, many once again took to social media to voice their opinions.

Many, including Brown's friend and collaborator Joyner Lucasexpressed concern over the way the situation was being handled; it wasn't long ago that Freddie Gibbs was detained overseas over allegations that ultimately went on to be proven false. Yet others are unwilling to forget Brown's prior transgressions and behavioral patterns, essentially concluding that he's a "bad seed," now and forever. As it happens, T.I. has officially lent his voice to the choir, and it seems he's looking beyond what's been presented. 

"First this... Then RAPE allegations?" writes Tip, alluding to Breezy's recently inked deal, which reportedly makes him the youngest artist in history to own his own masters. The added presence of a "shrug" emoji suggests that this one might not be exactly as it seems. While his theory is conspiratorial in nature, it does speak to a bizarre sense of timing. Not only did Chris Brown recently sign a historic deal, but we're also in the midst of Surviving R. Kelly and the fallout it has brought upon the game. Is T.I. living up to his own brand of "King's Critical Thinking?"