Iggy Azalea is the rapper who pulled in the most Grammy nominations this year. With four nods across all of the categories, the Australian rapper might have most of the hip-hop world experiencing Macklemorian levels of shock and outrage, but the man who stands to profit the most from her achievements, T.I., is not one of them.

In a new interview with the L.A. Leakers, the Grand Hustle honcho big-upped his protégé, even though he admitted that many members of the rap world wouldn't be on his side:

“Congratulations to Iggy for those four Grammy nominations… I appreciate being a part of—Just being able to contribute. I know she works extremely hard. She works extremely hard and she has an incredible vision for what it is that she wants to see herself. We all proud of her. Regardless of whatever anybody else got to say. We proud of her.”

Is Iggy a lock to win the rap awards for which she was nominated? Some think so.

Watch the full interview below.