The game has gotten soft, at least that is according to T.I. The King of the South has been calling on his fellow rappers to not only step up as community leaders but to handle street business, but he's growing frustrated as many of his complaints, he feels, has fallen on deaf ears. The murder of Nipsey Hussle has caused both grief and outrage worldwide, and T.I. once again shared his thoughts on social media. 

In a recent post, he shared a photo that reads, "Y'all killed Nipsey and let Zimmerman live. The streets is done." The quote is a direct line from Drake and Jay z's "Talk Up" where the New York rapper rhymes, "Y'all killed X and let Zimmerman live, shhh, s-streets is done." By "Zimmerman," both rappers are referring to George Zimmerman, the man responsible for chasing down and shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman was later acquitted and went on to publicly promote racist ideologies online. The rapper captioned the image by writing, "U n***az ain’t TUFF... Ain’t fooling me nain Bit!!! Fun Fact: U get the same time for killing the BAD ones as you do for killing the GOOD ones. FuCkin Cowards!!! WAKE UP NI66Az!!!!"

This isn't the first time T.I. has called out who he claims are about the street life to come through to handle police business. Recently, when a video went viral showing Austin Shuffield, a white man, savagely beating a black woman in Dallas after he complained about how she parked, T.I. wanted to know why the city's rappers didn't mobilize and organize on the victim's behalf.

"If you in Dallas, if you is in Dallas...Yella Beezy...Trapboy Freddy...all you cats out there who holdin' down the turf," Tip said at the time. "This s**t on your watch. I don't wanna hear none of that tough s**t man from none of y'all. It's time n***a." Yella Beezy later responded that he wasn't even in town at the time, but he would reach out to Tip to follow up.