"Justice has no color. Neither does racism. The abuse of power by the policemen that essentially work for US,the tax paying citizens of this country has become undeniable," says Tip, embracing his role as the voice of the people. "It’s been proven scientifically(Look up The Stanford Prison Experiment) that putting people with questionable character & poor principals in positions of power only enhances their worst qualities." It's hard to argue, upon witnessing the sheer lack of empathy exhibited by certain police, including the ones in the video below.

As a warning, the clip is indeed disturbing. Beneath the classic Fry meme reading "not sure if America or Nazi Germany," a man is forcibly pulled from his car, allegedly over an absent front license plate. As the driver is manhandled, a German Shepard proceeds to gnaw on his arm, prompting shrieks of pain. The cops seem unfazed, telling the man to stop fighting the dog; to be honest, it doesn't look like much fighting is going on. It's a tough watch, and T.I's rant is appropriately weighty.

" Ego,hate,& fear of inferiority are the underlying source of all these so-called law enforcers (legitimate terrorists I call them) actions. They have obvious complexes & biases that prevent them from being fair & reasonable service workers," writes Tip. There MUST BE federal ramifications implemented to protect the American People from this type of terrorism ASAP or else,the most negative alternative is inevitable. NO MAN WOMAN OR CHILD SHOULD BE TREATED THIS WAY!!!"

He continues along those lines; for his full write up, refer to his original post below. While some have inherently grown wary of those professing to be activists, T.I.'s clearly both passionate and knowledgeable about the topic. His words, while paired with the disturbing video, carry an undeniable poignancy. It's made all the clearer upon seeing his level headed demeanor during his own recent arrest, which only proved the existence of a divide.