With a storied discography under his belt, Tip Harris, self-declared founding father of the Trap Music genre, has become somewhat of a thought leader in his community. Using his platform to spread awareness toward important topics, namely ownership, accountability, and the enduring sustainability of black culture, T.I. recently took a moment to reflect on an ongoing issue he has been witnessing. One that centers around the irresponsible spending of government-issued COVID-19 check.


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"All ya'll getting all this money from the government, all that PPP, SBA, all that," he begins, speaking from the studio. "Listen man. Ain't no more mink coats in the store, and it's summertime, ain't that some shit. Ain't no more Cartiers, ain't no more Louboutins. No more Louis. Go get you some property please. Please ya'll, go get some property." He flashes a hat that reads "ownership" to emphasize his point. "It can be a patch of dirt. Go to your hood and find-- it ain't gotta have no house on it. Just buy it and hold it. That's it, I told you. Can't say you didn't know."

It's a sentiment that many in the hip-hop community have been espousing, with rappers like Tip, Royce Da 5'9", Jay-Z, and Killer Mike frequently issuing reminders. Clearly, T.I. hasn't been too impressed with the irresponsible spending on luxury items, especially when there's a visible space for economic growth. Check out his message below, and keep an eye out for whatever he's been cooking up in the studio. Remember, he was recently putting in work with Young Thug -- perhaps a Dime Trap follow-up is in the works. 

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