According to TMZ, T.I.'s assault charge against a security officer guarding the perimeter of his gated community has effectively been dropped. As you might recall, T.I. was arrested in May for getting into a skirmish with the aforementioned security officer. He arrived late night one night outside the compound without his I.D pass. The security officer claimed to not recognize, which angered T.I. to the point of threatening physical aggression. To make matter's worse, the security officer was reportedly asleep at his post, when a noticeably upset T.I. arrived at the checkpoint.

Upon the security's immediate refusal to let him slide without an I.D, T.I. resorted to thinly veiled threats."You're making it worse for yourself, man ... You're gonna have to deal with me," he said repeatedly. The incident recorded by a security cam was then relayed to cops who then wrongly interpreted the situation as a "criminal threat." Unfortunately, T.I. is still faced with three counts of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and one count of misdemeanor public drunkenness. 

Within the public sphere, the sentiment is that T.I.' s case or at least the handling of it by the prosecutor's office, is inherently racially-motivated. T.I.'s criminal past is adequately compensated by a formidable track record of community involvement and building, highlighted by a degentrification plan where he hopes to create affordable housing options for people in need throughout the Atlanta-area.