With many still coming to terms with the Capitol riot, an incident that left four dead and fifty-two arrested, several prominent rappers have already come forward to reflect on the situation. No stranger to voicing his thoughts on sociopolitical developments, Tip Harris took a moment to offer his thoughts in a lengthy video message to his followers. 


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"Happy New Year," laughs T.I. "Welcome to the future. Can ya'll believe the shit we saw yesterday. I mean, did you see it? This shit don't surprise any of us. This is the thing. We got to understand, we don't have the same immunity. We can't be out there fighting the same fight as white folk. Cause we gon' end up being the only muthafuckas to get shot down, killed, or end up in prison. Until we get the same kind of immunity, the same consideration and acknowledgment, we can't be out there. We're going to be the ones that get killed."

"Let the whites fight," he continues. "Our allies, get out there and do your things. If we can find a way to do something behind the scenes and be an asset to you, we will. But we can't be out there. Nah man. They gon' look the other way when ya'll do it. The shit was planned. That shit wasn't haphazard. The man said he'll see us in January. It was marked on the date. 'See you on January 6th.' I saw my boy Trae posted that shit...But these muthafuckas already knew."

"I was talking to Charlamagne, and us coming from the hood, we know what an inside job on a home invasion look like," continues Tip. "We know when somebody in the house that left the backdoor open. We know what that look like. So now, we gotta fall back. This shit beyond me at this point. We did our thing. We flipped the White House, we flipped Georgia, we flipped the senate. We did everything we were supposed to do. So now, we'll back up. Let us know how we're going to benefit from the work we've already put in." 

"I don't know where the military was," he continues. "I don't understand. But don't get caught out in the middle of them white folk business. Somebody getting money. The market was at an all-time high all of a sudden. It broke records every day. The market was up, even though the muthafuckin' Capitol was getting raided. So fall-back, and find our way to benefit our community. We don't need to get in the mix."

"Message to America...this is a little Dope Boy logic. You got tried yesterday, America. Muthafuckas damn near came in your house, slapped your mama, and told your grandmama 'come out here and get some to.' Therefore, if you don't respond, you gon' get tried again. Cause it's sweet. They did shit with no consequence. Hey man, if a muthafucka try you and you don't do nothing, you gon' get tried again...If all it takes is some unarmed white people to get in there, you're sweet. "

For more insight from T.I, be sure to check out his entire message below.

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