Atlanta rapper T.I. has managed to reach an agreement with jeweler Aydin & Co. over a lawsuit stemming from an outstanding bill of approximately  $755 thousand. 

Earlier this year, the popular jeweler filed a lawsuit against Tip claiming that he had amassed a staggering bill of unpaid expenses. According to court documents obtained by Bossip, the rapper had been acquiring a number of expensive accessories on a tab that was established over a decade ago, as early as 2004. The two parties had reportedly made an oral agreement about the rapper maintaining an open account. The jeweler alleged that the rapper stopped making payments to the account in 2013. He was accused of failing to pay for $40,000 in “assorted women’s jewelry,” a $13,500 men’s wedding band, seven custom-made diamond pendants valued at $145,000, $40,000 in “assorted women’s jewelry,”$9,500 diamond hoop earrings, two $10,000 custom-made dog tags and a 48-carat diamond chain.

Bossip reports that the Atlanta rapper and jeweler have settled matters prompting a judge to dismiss the case without prejudice. Aydin & Co. does, however, maintain the right to refile the suit should T.I. decide not to comply with the agreed upon terms. The legal triumph is an undoubtedly welcome relief for the rapper who is working on his next Dave Chapelle narrated project, Dime Trap