T.I. is a true proponent of political awareness within the community. He shares his opinion on social issues unabashedly and does so quite consistently via social media when he is not making moves on the field.

His latest concern relates to Trayvon Martin's killer, George Zimmerman. The man who avoided jail time for his crime, due to Florida's stand your ground laws amongst other factors, appears to have quite the fan base. T.I. brings this fact to the attention of his following with his latest post.

The meme in question includes a montage of photos of Zimmerman signing a Confederate flag along with one of a signed pack of skittles, the type of candy Trayvon had purchased before being gunned down. The post reads as follows:

"Before the next black person decides to kill the next black person, just remember George Zimmerman is walking around here at free will signing skittle packages, now think about that."

T.I. added his intent behind his sharing the meme in his caption. It can be interpreted as his offering a new perspective to those who are already planning to do some damage within their own communities.

"I'll just sit this here for all you stark raving thugs,gunnas,&goons out here plotting on each other. In case you’d like some reading material,or you frustrated and in need of something else to think about."