50 Cent has been around for a minute. He's viewed as one of the living legends in today's rap climate. A number of his peers can consider themselves rap royalty with T.I, the King of the South, also enjoying that title. The two clearly have a ton of respect for one another, linking up several times over the years and recognizing each other's iconic status in the game. Tip was so impressed with Fif's early hustle tale that he ventured into the comments section of his recent post to show major love to the executive producer of Power.

Curtis Jackson told all of his followers to check out the new episode of his show last night by sharing a throwback picture of himself at the age of nineteen, crouching next to his baller Mercedes-Benz. "This was my first Benz at 19 fool, got this out the mud don’t ever mistake me for these guys," he said, commenting on his own post. The mention of his early life grind had T.I. remembering his own story, congratulating his friend on all the hard work. 

"A Benz out the trap at 19?? Legend!!!" typed the Atlanta rapper. Both 50 Cent and T.I. truly levelled up, proving to their day one homies that they really could change the world. Use them as inspiration to get your week started off right.