T.I. has never been one to keep a grudge close to the chest. In recent memory, Tip has essentially turned his Instagram page into a platform for spreading political and societal takes, keeping his nemesis Donald Trump at an arm's length in the process. Today, Tip decided to undertake a social experiment of sorts, by way of an incendiary, yet admittedly photoshopped picture. The image in question, which seems designed to get a reaction, places Donald Trump, a young Ivanka, and accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein together in the same room. Of course, the insinuation being that Elite-types who roll together, perform nefarious deeds together. 

Though the image is doctored, and it's not entirely clear whether T.I. was aware of that when he posted it, the sentiment still holds weight; Donald Trump has been known to look the other way, and only disavow certain actions when pressed to do so. "When they say a picture’s worth a thousand words... Y’all figure it out," he writes. "All things understood have no need to be explained."

Despite the image's inauthenticity, Tip's post and comment certainly stirred the pot accordingly, with many of his followers weighing in with disgust and disdain for the current President. At this point, T.I. seems content to sow chaos, a form of protest against the administration - should the image continue spread like wildfire, it's only a matter of time before Trump hits it with the "Fake News" brand. That is, if he acknowledges it at all.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images