Things destructed quickly for Nick Cannon. At the beginning of the week, everything was all hunky-dory for the comedian. He had job security and was able to speak his mind by way of his podcast. However, as he quickly learned, things can go downhill at the press of a button.

One moment, Nick's name was trending on Twitter because of resurfaced anti-Semitic comments. Then, he issued an apology for said remarks. In the span of twenty-four hours, he ended up losing the biggest platform he had at ViacomCBS because of his reaction to the backlash and the public outrage.

T.I. has been watching this all play out from the sideline and, while he doesn't join either side in agreeing with or denouncing Cannon's firing, he does find it suspicious that it all happened so fast.

Scott Gries/Getty Images

Sharing a text post on Instagram, Tip wondered why it was a priority to strip Cannon of his position at the network while Breonna Taylor's killers are still employed -- aside from Brett Hankison who was fired -- and on the loose.

"Hmmm... Nick Cannon loses his job faster than any of the cops who killed Breonna Taylor," remarked the legendary rapper. 

As it stands, only one of the men responsible for the killing of Breonna Taylor was fired. The other two were placed on administrative leave. 

Taylor's shooters should be arrested and charged with murder, let alone lose their jobs, but it's easy to understand the line T.I. is drawing.