Both Future and T.I. have kept themselves busy for the first few months of 2018. As summer nears, Future has already teased that he is ready to take over the warmer season with T.I. recently encountering some legal drama with his arrest last week. While T.I. may not be interested in any biopics about his involvement in the invention of trap music, it appears as though he is making some alternate major moves into the film industry. From the looks of it, T.I. and Future are teaming up with a group of major players in Hollywood ahead of the Superfly release.

Sharing a photo of himself and many of the members of the Superfly crew including Director X, Big Bank Black, and other executives, T.I. looks to be getting in on the fun. Tip seems extremely excited about the venture, writing as his caption, "Something big just happened!!!!" and tagging everybody in the room. While the connection to Superfly seems obvious, a Sony Pictures executive's version of the same post hints at something new in the works, using a "Stay Tuned" hashtag. After all, the film is set for a release next month and it would be pushing it to add anything at this point.

Whatever T.I. and Future have in the works is bound to keep the people interested. What do you think they could be working on with the Superfly crew?