Netflix may have taken down Chappelle's Show, but T.I. is calling for the public to stop watching the series altogether. After sharing on Instagram that he isn't being paid by ViacomCBS for his classic sketch comedy series that helped make him a household name, Dave Chappelle has received support from those in and out of the industry. In his "Unforgiven" social media post, Chappelle revealed that he was confused to learn that Netflix, who he's worked with repeatedly on stand-up special in recent years, was airing his show. In good faith, the streaming service bigwigs removed Chappelle's Show from their options, and now T.I. is calling for a boycott.

The rapper and activist took to his Instagram page to upload a text image that reads, "Do Not Watch The Chappelle Show." In the caption, he added, "They ain't paid my mans.... Go Watch #Unforgiven on @davechappelle page #DaveSayItsUP." This isn't the first boycott that T.I. has called for; the rapper has also told the public to refrain from supporting brands like Gucci, Burberry, and Prada as well as a number of restaurants that have been accused of racist or discriminatory behavior.

While Chappelle's Show won't be available on Netflix, it's still up in its entirety on Comedy Central's website.