T.I has been a busy man this past week. Last Thursday, the King Of The South made his way out to Los Angeles to sit down and have a constructive conversation with Kanye West, who has been making some questionable comments about Donald Trump & his “free thinking” mentality. The two would end up recording a new song together called “Ye Vs The People,” which surfaced Friday night and saw the two addressing Kanye’s effect on the public & why he says he loves Trump.

Well on Tuesday, Tip decided to sit down with Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning and discuss a plethora of things, including the hot topic of Kanye West. Tip spoke in depth about last week’s sit-down meeting, the recording of “Ye Vs The People,” his seriousness of Kanye running for President in 2024, and more.

"We got realize -- this is Kanye West we're talking about here," T.I. says. "Ain't but maybe 1% of the people in the population of the Earth that speak the language of Kanye West. The problem is, the stuff that come in his head, when it actually come out his mouth and make its way to the air, it's totally different than it was in his head."

In addition to the Kanye talk, Tip also spoke on Gucci Mane & the recent question of who invented the term “trap music,” gun laws in the South & America, his wife Tiny, and whole lot more. 

If you have the time, highly suggest you check out the full, 50-minute discussion (below) and/or fast forward to the 4:30 minute mark to hear the ‘Ye talk. Included below is Tip’s reaction to TMZ’s Van Lathan going in on Kanye West, which you can see for yourself.