Those who have been following this website know one essential truth. The wisdom of T.I. has remained a constant in life; whatever the topic may be, the legendary rapper has undoubtedly formed an opinion on it. Despite the fact that his music career has waned in recent years, Tip's insight never fails to capture the curiosity of the masses. Now, thanks to an extensive interview with Billboard, numerous gems have been unearthed for our pleasure. Speaking on a variety of topics, from landing a Tony nomination to Kanye West, the self-proclaimed inventor of trap remains in fine form throughout.

Having combed through the conversation, it feels like Tip's closing comments on ghostwriting might be of particular interest to the readers, given the association it tends to have with a certain someone. When asked whether a rapper can be the GOAT if they don't write their own bars, Tip has a decisive reply. "Nope. You may be the best artist, or the best entertainer, but the best rapper alive must write his own lyrics. He simply must." 

As per usual, Tip has some interesting insight into the enigma that is Kanye West, coming through with a delightful series of analogies to break it down. Describing Ye, Tip likens it to skydiving, stating "That’s why it’s all over the place and cohesive at the same time, because he doesn’t know where he’s going to land. If I did an album while I’m jumping out of the sky, I’m skydiving, from different altitudes you’re going to get different versions of me. As I come closer to the ground, oh shit!" He laughs, and drops another, more elaborate one:

Some friends, you might love 'em to death and they might be your real partners, but you not finna go on no eight-hour road trip. You just not gon’ do it. Kanye just want motherfuckers to just get in the car and go on a road trip and let the moment take us where it takes us. The motherfuckers who are willing to get in the car, I feel like when they get there, it’ll all make sense.

If you don’t get in the car, why even critique which route he chooses to take? If you ain’t in the car, why are you like, “Why are you going that way for? That’s the long way.” You not in the car, though. So you either get in the car, take the trip, or get the fuck out the car, and don’t comment on the route that’s being taken. I feel like that’s fair.  

For much more from Tip, including his reaction to being nominated for a Tony, his upcoming Grand Hustle series, and more, peep the original article via Billboard