Just after he implied that his wife Kim Kardashian had had an affair with Meek Mill, Kanye West added that his "favorite rapper" Lil Baby would not get on a song with him. 

The inclusion of that comment seemed random and very spur-of-the-moment, considering it had literally nothing to do with anything else Kanye mentioned during the rant. Following Lil Baby's response, in which he claimed that he had not heard anything from Kanye, T.I. made public his own theory about what happened.

Dropping a comment on The Shade Room's page, Tip explained that he thinks Kanye never actually reached out to Lil Baby's people, only throwing that bit in at the last minute.

"Oh he just came up wit that1 in da moment cuzz," wrote the legendary Atlanta rapper. "That was the request."

Tip isn't the only person that seems to believe this. More of the top comments, of which some boast over 30,000 likes, suggest that Kanye was merely thinking about doing a song with Lil Baby, never telling anyone, and then complaining that the rapper wouldn't feature with him.

What do you think of this theory?

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Kanye West is reportedly releasing his new album Donda: With Child tonight. He has shared a couple of different tracklists for the upcoming project but, as with most Yeezy album releases, people are doubting that it will actually pop up tonight.