Tidal's week from hell continues as the steaming service now stands accused of being late on payments to three unidentifiable recording labels over royalties. Dagens Næringsliv, the same Norwwegian media outlet who accused Tidal last week of duping Kanye West and Beyonce's streaming numbers, is back on the offensive. According to Music Business Worldwide, who also ran the story same report Dagens Næringsliv had printed, Tidal is being accused of missing payments after a year-long investigation into the matter.

According to the reports, Sveinung Rindal, CEO of the Sony-backed Phonofile, seemed to corroborate those accusations by claiming there were in fact "delays in payments from Tidal." Representatives from Tidal have yet to comment on the most recent accusations, which for some reason doesn't disclose company names with whom Tidal has done business. Tidal's response to the same previous slander was to label the allegations as "a smear campaign" carefully planned by a publication who once referred to their employees as "Israeli Intelligence Officers" and "crack dealers." It's hard to ascertain the level seriousness in these claims given Dagens' previous commentary, and Tidal's near death experience, before refinancing and an ownership shuffle. Regardless of this tenuous affair, and its possible implications, Tidal remains focused on putting out Prince's posthumous album slated for 2019.

Stay tuned.