Tiffany Haddish is enjoying the ride of her rising fame. She is widely appreciated for telling hilarious stories during her interviews and the public can always count on the entertainer to serve us the tea. Recently, she dished about the person who bit Beyonce on the face. She also told us about the time she asked Leonardo DiCaprio if he would let her "hit that." The comedienne is obviously very generous with her fans and the general public. She doesn't hold back.

Today, she is proudly sharing her W magazine cover with the caption: "Just female comic on the cover of @wmag guys thats all. #sheready!"

Here is another peak at the visuals. It's not as striking as the red Valentino getup, but it's still Haddish.

This might not seem like a big deal since most famous entertainers snag covers seemingly often. The thing is that Tiffany is big right now, but she hasn't always been. Even though it seems like Haddish rose to fame overnight with her breakout role in Girl's Trip, she's been paying her dues for years. At one time, she was even living out of her car while staying on her grind and looking cute doing it. We love seeing her win. Catch her co-starring with Kevin Hart in Night School this September. Hart happens to have helped her out when she was homeless. Now this, my friends, is called full-circle.