In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tiffany Haddish disclosed a sneaky (and actually, pretty clever) trick that she had done in the past when she first entered the Hollywood scene and was trying to make a name for herself. The "Girls Trip" actress admitted to coming up with a DIY way to find out what casting directors really thought about her auditions. 

She explained how she would deliberately "forget" her handbag in the room (with her mobile phone recording sound the entire time) after she left the audition. "You know what I’d do? I’d put my phone on voice memo and put it in my bag," she detailed in the cover round-table interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "I’d do the audition, walk out the room and leave my bag. Then I’d come back and be like, 'Oh, I forgot my purse in there'." The actress’s revelation left fellow stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jane Fonda, Maya Rudolph, Natasha Lyonne, Regina Hall and Alex Borstein equally shocked and impressed by her sneaky methods.

As expected, Tiffany admitted that a lot of the feedback she captured on her phone wasn’t very pleasant at all. In fact, the actress admitted to hearing racist comments such as "She’s so ghetto, I just can’t," "she is not as urban as I thought she would be," as well as, "I really think we should just go with a white girl. This role should be changed to white."

Despite the horrible comments she heard, Tiffany explained that she was able to look past them and focused on the feedback that enabled her to grow as an actress and improve her audition technique. "I want to hear it all so I can grow. And also, so I can write it down and use it for jokes. I can use it to my advantage," she said. "One time they were like, 'she just can’t read, this wouldn’t work. She can’t read,' so then I started to practise reading my lines out loud more and stuff like that." Her fellow actresses commended her for being able to use the offensive experiences to add to improve upon herself and her craft.