Tiffany Haddish has blown up since her role in Girls Trip alongside Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith and Regina Hall. The actress/comedian also made history a couple weeks ago as the first black female to host Saturday Night Live. But she's not slowing down there, we recently posted how she taught the famous Barbra Streisand about some mainstream tunes, filling her in on Cardi B. On Tiffany's recent visit to The Ellen Show she explains a little bit of how that went down. 

"That's my sister, we related," Tiffany says of the legendary actress. "Yeah we recently met at Ron Meyer's house, he's like chairman over at Universal or whatever, he invited me over for dinner and movie, right. And then there she was, Barbra Streisand and she's like 'Tiffany' and I'm like 'waddup girl!" She explains how they got to chatting and she "informed" Barbara of Cardi B and how the rapper transformed her whole life to now being a "role model to children." Barbara asked Tiffany who Cardi B was, where she broke out and rapped her "Bodak Yellow" lyrics to where Barabara replied, "sounds catchy."

They apparently realized they are from the same hood, but lived in different times and different "demographics." Ellen and Tiffany's conversation then led to having dinner with Taylor Swift where Tiffany says "Taylor can cook...the chicken was bomb!"

Watch the full interview below.