Tiffany Haddish is bald and beautiful in her latest Instagram photo, taken a few weeks after she chopped off all her hair while streaming live on Instagram. The comedian took to IG to show off her new look accompanied by a beaming smile. "Just Loving my new look thought I’d share it with y’all," she wrote in the caption. "The best part is when water hits my head it feels like kisses from God. #sheready for more of Gods Love!"

While Tiffany is certainly pulling off this new silhouette, her seemingly impulsive decision to do the big chop while on IG live initially had fans worried about her mental health. Folks to Twitter upon witnessing Tiffany getting rid of her locks to express their concern for her wellbeing.

However, Tiffany assured everyone that she was totally fine, and that a woman simply deciding that she wants to "see her scalp" is not automatically indicative of mental instability. "I'm not suffering from no emotional nothing," she insisted. "I've literally been talking about this for years, how I wanna see my scalp. I know every single part of my body. I know where every single mole is." While she still had some hair left by the end of her IG live session, she went on to get her head completely shaved, resulting in the totally smooth scalp in the photo above.