Tiffany Haddish has clearly always been a comedian. Her notable appearance in the comedy Girls Trip and hosting Saturday Night Live (as the first black woman) are just the beginning of her rise to fame.

The 38-year-old has released a memoir of her life called The Last Black Unicorn that shares some crazy details of her upbringing and even her dating life. “Dating has been hard for me my whole life,” she writes in her book, that goes on to detail the abuse she went through with her ex-husband.

Another relationship she writes about details the time she used her ex-boyfriend's Jordans as a toilet when she found out he was cheating. “I ate a lot of corn. A lot. And I didn’t chew it so well,” She writes that when he went to put his shoe on she told him he's stepping in “all the shit you put me through!”

As for her current dating life, she reveals to People that "men are worse groupies than women can ever be."

 “There’s a dude right now, I used to get butterflies for him back in the day and I used to hit on him all the time but he would constantly turn me down,” she explains. “He’d be like, ‘You’re silly Tiffany, quit it.’ But it’s funny because as soon as the trailer for Girls Trip came out he’s all ‘Oh you’re beautiful, I want to take you out!’”

She "might hit it and quit it,” but aside from that she's "super guarded.”