While some may be wondering how Tiffany Haddish's pre-cooked chicken held up in her purse at the Met Gala, she's already over it and moved on herself since announcing a new career move. The Girls Trip actress has now been named the new host for ABC's revival of Kids Say the Darndest Things. The previous title was held by Bill Cosby from 1998 to 2000.

“When I was dreaming of stars I wanted to bring to ABC, Tiffany Haddish was top of my list,” ABC entertainment president Karey Burke told Variety. “Tiffany starring in and producing this iconic series is everything I hoped for.”

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

As for some of the segments the show will offer for the upcoming reboot, ABC writes:

‘Kids Rule,’ in which kids explain to Tiffany the rules for everything from sportsmanship to dating; ‘Love Talk,’ where Tiffany seeks advice on her love life; ‘Best Carpool Ever,’ with Tiffany taking on carpool duty with a minivan full of kids; ‘Granny Tiff,’ when Tiffany, in prosthetics and dressed up as an older woman, receives technology advice from the kids; and more.”

Tiffany is looking forward to series herself, telling the publication how she's excited to see what kids are saying these days since she has no idea what they're saying online. 

The reboot hits ABC this fall.