Netflix's Tiger King is the latest docuseries to shine a bright spotlight on an issue that was otherwise under the radar. However, it also put the limelight on Joe Exotic, the incarcerated zoo owner who found himself entangled in a murder-for-hire plot. The newfound fame has earned him support from major celebrities, though some of the retracted their co-sign after footage of him arguing about the use of the N-word emerged. 

One person who hasn't bought into the Tiger King hype is Marilyn Manson. Taking to Instagram, he shared a screenshot of a DM he received from Joe Exotic in early January 2018. Apparently, this was around the time when Joe Exotic wanted to run for the governor of Oklahoma and asked Manson for an endorsement, though he clarified that he wasn't looking for any money.

"Hey. Thanks for the follow. I'm running for Governor of Oklahoma and trying to speak for the real people for a change and get some people help with addiction in this State that no one cares about," he wrote to Manson. "Would you endorse me? Not asking for money. Just to use your name as an endorsement."

Manson shared the photo with a simple caption referencing another Netflix program. "Nope. Don't Fuck With Cats." 

Check out Marilyn Manson's incredibly strange DM from Joe Exotic below.