By now, you've all heard about Tiger King, the docu-series taking Netflix and the entire world by storm. The documentary centers around Joe Exotic, a zoo operator who owned dozens of animals including a large collection of big cats. Currently in prison on murder-for-hire charges, Exotic hasn't had much of a chance to revel in the success of the show, but his co-stars are doing their part for him.

During a recent appearance on Lights Out with David Spade, Joe Exotic's ex-"husband" John Finlay, who has a new set of teeth, explained that his favorite animals at the zoo were the crocodiles and alligators, noting that they formerly belonged to none other than Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson Joe Exotic Tiger King
Liaison/Getty Images

As you likely know, Michael Jackson was the owner of several exotic animals, including monkeys, tigers, snakes, and more. He also had a few alligators at Neverland Ranch and, after he passed away, they were transferred to Joe Exotic's property. 

"One of the previous managers had gotten us Michael Jackson’s alligators from Neverland Ranch," said Finlay to David Spade.

The alligators, unfortunately, were killed in an arson fire in 2015, which also destroyed Exotic's film studio. 

In the same interview, Finlay insists that he and Exotic were never legally married, despite the show's portrayal of him as the man's ex-husband.

This story just keeps on getting stranger.