That "bored in the house and in the house bored" quarantine of 2020 didn't apply to a few TikTok stars. There were photos and videos that surfaced of mansion parties hosted by the app's most popular personalities and some were even fined for throwing ragers in the middle of a pandemic. Others, however, took advantage of the outside seating mandates placed on restaurants, including TikTok superstar Bryce Hall who reportedly patronized Los Angeles eatery, Cinco.

According to TMZ, it was back in October 2020 when Hall and his crew visited the establishment and reportedly caused a ruckus by not following the rules. In turn, Hernan Fernando, the co-owner of Cinco, has filed a lawsuit against Hall for instigating a fight.

The outlet reports that Fernando has sued Hall and several others over an incident that Fernando claims was racially motivated. The owner of the restaurant reportedly states in the lawsuit that Hall and his friends were seated at a table when they began vaping. It's against policy so the bar manager told them to stop. They reportedly didn't.

Fernando says he approached the table and reiterated the bar manager's request, but Hall and Co. ignored him, as well. Because they wouldn't abide by the rules, Fernando says in his lawsuit that he instructed the staff to close out the table's tab. A server told Fernando that "she heard Bryce refer to Hernan as a 'w*tback' and 'the Mexican.'" Hall reportedly blew his vape smoke into Fernando's face and once the entourage was being escorted out of Cinco, Hall's friend Rory Fitzpatrick allegedly became physical with staffers.

"Who the f*ck are you? I"m from Bel-Air, and you're just a fat Mexican who works at a restaurant," Fernando claims Hall said to him. The owner also alleges other racial slurs were hurled his way and he's suing the group for "assault, battery, emotional distress, and for attacking him based on his ethnicity."

Check out a brief clip of the fight below.