Tim Tebow was a polarizing figure when he was in the NFL. The former Denver Broncos quarterback wasn't very good at throwing the football but he somehow found ways to win games with his legs and leadership qualities. In fact, Tebow won a playoff game in his first season as a starting quarterback. Eventually, Tebow was phased out of the league as no team wanted to give him a chance. Tebow went on to become a college football analyst which is a title he holds to this day. Perhaps his most interesting endeavor, however, came a couple of years ago when he chased his dream of playing Major League Baseball. 

Tebow is still at it and is part of the New York Mets system. While he typically plays with their farm team, Tebow has been on the main roster for Spring training. During a game against the St. Louis Cardinals, Tebow had a chance to end the game with a fielded fly ball. Instead, Tebow was thrust into disaster as he tripped over his shoelace and dropped the ball, literally.

Luckily for Tebow and the Mets, they still won the game 3-2. It was a pretty horrible mistake that will surely make baseball fans roll their eyes. There has been a lot of skepticism over Tebow's foray into baseball and this particular play won't do him any favors.

After this recent performance, it's looking unlikely that he will get any playing time in the Majors.