Tim Tebow is one of those names that always seems to elicit a polarizing reaction. The quarterback was a star with the Florida Gators although it was clear that his throwing mechanics were simply not good enough for the NFL. Despite this, he was able to start a few games with the Denver Broncos and even won them a playoff match. However, Tebow eventually bounced around the league for a bit before leaving and trying out baseball, which didn't end up working out.

Now, Tebow is back and it seems like he is trying to get back into the NFL. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Tebow reached out to the Jacksonville Jaguars in hopes of getting a workout. This time around, Tebow wants to be a tight end and he even got an opportunity to work out with the Jags' tight end coach.

What makes this development even more interesting is the fact that the Jaguars are actually considering signing him. Years ago, Tebow was told to become a tight end to save his NFL career although, at the time, he didn't listen. Now, it seems like he will do anything to have another shot at glory.

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Tim Tebow

Mark Brown/Getty Images