When the stark reality of COVID-19 was only starting to kick in, many states, provinces, and cities mobilized to issue quarantine measures. And with many confined to their homes with nothing to do, Timbaland and Swizz Beatz stepped up to offer a solution. As it happens, that solution was the Verzuz series, a friendly competition designed to highlight the legacies and discographies of hip-hop and r&b's most esteemed figures.

Swizz Beatz Timbaland

Taylor Hill/WireImage/Getty Images

Since launching on March 24th with an inaugural head-to-head match, Verzuz has since ascended into a household name. And despite how massive Swizzy and Tim's brainchild has grown, boasting a grand total of twenty-four battles so far, the pair haven't actually connected in real life since Verzuz launched. Timbo shared the interesting factoid on his Instagram page. "Fun fact me & @therealswizzz haven’t seen each other in person since Verzuz started," he writes, alongside a FaceTime picture of the two production legends.

"Crazyyyyy," marvels Swizzy, sliding into the comments to reflect on the surreality of the situation. Given that the pair are no strangers to linking up, at least in simpler times, it's hard to believe that Swizz and Timbo were still able to launch a successful series and straight-up phenomenon entirely through webcam. Yet they did exactly that, and you have to believe that when they do ultimately connect, the reunion will be one for the ages. Check out Timbo's post below.