Last night, we were treated to a new IG Live Battle, this time between two legendary r'n'b groups in Jagged Edge and 112. While it proved a successful battle, with plenty of viewers tuning in, Jagged Edge became the topic of a few jokes following the live event due to their audio troubles.

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, the masterminds behinds the VERZUZ TV Instagram Live Battles that have been keeping us entertained all through out quarantine, discussed last night's battle and how to avoid these audio issues in the future, announcing that they will enact a new rule for the battles moving forward.

Swizz revealed that the brand Roland made a new set-up for VERZUZ specifically, in order to supply fans with the best audio possible. "You can tell who's using the set-up and who's not using the set-up. It's only a couple of plugs that will change your life. So 112 was using it, and I don't think Jagged Edge was using it." Timbo replied, "Which threw off the frequency of the whole thing, if one uses it and one doesn't, it's all messed up."

"We're going to make that a forcible rule," Swizz continued, "You cannot do VERZUZ unless you use the technology that we're sending you, cause we're sending it to you for a reason."

Peep the clip below. 

Let us know if you tuned in to last night's instalment, what you thought of it.