"Warning" is up there with some of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time. The song arrived one Ready To Die which turned 25 years old today. Timbaland paid homage to the late rapper recently when he hit IGTV to preview a remix of the song. He brings a futuristic touch to the record which only further proves that Biggie's flow is timeless. "There's something about his vocals that make me come up with great production. This is a throwback Thursday classic Biggie," he said before pressing play. 

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Fans and peers praised Timbo in the comment section for the remix. Scott Storch and Fab showed him nothing but respect while Shaq commented, "Man send me that shit." Southside also slid into the comments, writing, "Let's collab og... help the lil guys out."

The remix seems to be part of a new Instagram series he'll be launching weekly for Throwback Thursdays. He shared a subsequent video where he said that he was already considering releasing a new remix every Thursday but a fan's encouragement in the comments has pushed him to commit to it. He invited fans to suggest songs for him to remix. It appears we can expect the next installment in his weekly series to arrive tomorrow, hopefully.

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