Timbaland is dealing with a bad case of a mansion squatter since a man who unlawfully lived in his home left him with an expensive clean-up. According to The Blast, a man named William Zamora basically continued to live in Timbaland's mansion after the deal to buy the house fell through. After being forced to leave after a number of warnings, he eventually packed up but left the place extremely messy. 

The documents say bedrooms have extensive damage, as well as the walls, rugs, and dressers. Some of Timbaland's possessions that were still in the house such as the coveted arcade game "Street Fighter" is claimed to be busted and his attic is now filled with bees. It gets worse since William not only left the place a mess but he allegedly also stole a television and multiple other items. 

When Timbaland first filed to get William off the property, he claimed he put down $300,000 into home repairs and accused the famed producer of trying to sell the house to another party. William's removal from Timbaland's home was put on hold after he tried to file for bankruptcy.

Now that he's finally out, Timbaland's left with an even bigger mess and we'll have to see how the squatter tries to fight this one off.