According to trusted NBA insider Shams Charania, the Minnesota Timberwolves remained unmoved by Houston's trade offer, as they scour the market for trade alternatives. The 'Wolves are believed to want an impact player in return for Jimmy Butler, whom they consider a top 15 NBA talent. A package of 4 first round draft picks is the very most that can be offered with respect to the current CBA, and the Rockets would likely add Marquese Chriss and Brandon Knight to the existing package in order to balance the books.

The belief is that Thibodeau would rather see an impact player included in the deal, and perhaps less draft picks since first rounders cannot be packaged together in consecutive years. The 4 draft picks would thereby be disseminated across a seven-year window.

The Rockets are adamant Butler would be the ideal piece to pair with a core that includes Eric Gordon, Clint Capela, Chris Paul, and reigning MVP James Harden, players Daryl Morey doesn't seem willing to part with. When trade talks began, the 'Wolves front office demanded PJ Tucker and Eric Gordon as the starting point to any Jimmy Butler trade talks. The Rockets tried in jest to work around those demands, culminating in the offer set forth yesterday evening.