Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected more than just jobs and universities-- it affects how we see our family and our friends, it affects birthday celebrations, weddings, funerals-- just about any type of IRL gathering now has to be re-invented. Many people are finding unique ways to celebrate special days with their loved ones-- whether it be by way of a Zoom conference call, or a drive-by party-- people are still doing their best to get together and spend time virtually with the people they love.

Tina Knowles, aka Beyonce's mother, recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight about Bey's big remix on Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage," which incidentally includes a shout out to mama Lawson. The mother of Queen Bey also revealed how the family managed to get all together, including Beyonce and Jay-Z's twins, Sir and Rumi Carter.

tina knowles beyonce social distancing

Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images

"The two babies that are 2, they don't really understand, so on Saturday we got together from a safe distance, we all went to Bey's at a distance," Tina revealed. "We all got tested, Kelly was there, and I got to see my grandchildren from afar and it was hard. That's been the hardest part about this."

As far as getting a shout out by her daughter on the "Savage" remix, Tina says, "That was really, really cute. People started texting me [saying,] ‘Ok, savage,’ and I was like, ‘What are they talking about?’"

She added, "It’s funny, when I was young, I used to drive a convertible and I used to drive up to Beyoncé’s school and she would say, ‘Mama, you are a hot mama.'"