There has been much debated about Beyoncé and her talents in recent days. It all came to a head after Trick Daddy was heard on Clubhouse criticizing the award-winning singer, saying that she isn't a good singer. Soon to follow would come a few lancing words about Jay-Z, and after the BeyHive wreaked havoc on his social media pages, Trick Daddy returned, multiple times, to double down on his sentiments.

Aside from the tens of thousands of fans who stormed the internet in defensive of Beyoncé, the Destiny's Child icon's mother, Tina Lawson, also wanted to do her bit to prove that Bey is, indeed, the talent that the world believes she is.

Beyonce, Trick Daddy, DJ Swivel
Larry Busacca / Staff / Getty Images

The video Ms. Tina shared is of DJ Swivel, Beyoncé's engineer, as he shares raw footage of the singer displaying vocals that even he was amazed by. "The guitar solo which she mimicks with her voice which I've never heard before but let's see if we can pull it up," Swivel said in the clip. Beyoncé is then heard singing a portion of "I Care," a single from her 2011 No. 1 album, 4.

In the caption to the video, Lawson couldn't contain her pride. "I have always been in awe when she does this . She does it with other instruments as well!!!!" she wrote. Check out the clip below.