Tinashe and Mario both play a major role in the upcoming Rent: Live series that's set to air on Fox on January 27th and it looks like the duo have been getting even closer off the stage. The "No Drama" singer and the "Let Me Love You" crooner was spotted leaving Craig’s in West Hollywood after what looked to be a solo dinner date. 

According to Hollywood Life, the duo left the restaurant separately and kept PDA to a minimum. Already, the couple's relationship status has been aired out online with lots of Twitter users here for the possible love connection. 

"Tinashe and Mario are cute together. I think they should make a dancin ass song/music video," one user wrote, while another added: "Man if Mario bag Tinashe, I can't even be mad. Let a nigga from Baltimore win for once."

"I think with a lot of these industry relationships, it’s beneficial for everyone involved to be public because it is such a huge HUGE talking point," Tinashe previously said when talking about the pressure to be public with her relationships.

"So I don’t knock people who are public, because I understand it. There is a lot of press associated with being in a public relationship. But I don’t necessarily try to do it. That’s not like my goal but I understand where they’re coming from."