She's not one to speak much about her romantic life, but Tinashe is sharing what she looks for in a woman. Years ago, the singer said that she is attracted to men and women, but she didn't feel the need to place a distinctive label on her sexuality. When it comes to her dating life, Tinashe holds her cards close to the chest, but in a recent interview with Angela Yee and her Lip Service co-hosts, Tinashe was grilled about the type of women that she finds attractive. 

Tinashe, Dating, Women, Bisexual
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

Tinashe found it difficult to say what her "type" actually is. "It's interesting, um, I... The ones that I... I can't say," Tinashe stated. She added that when it comes to men, she has a type, but with women, she isn't as specific. "I mean, I've dated a more masculine girl but I've never dated a super masculine girl. And I've never dated a super femme girl, either."

"[I like] to be in relationships with people that can play both sides," the singer added about being the dominant person in a relationship. "Like, I like to take charge definitely, sometimes," but she also wants someone who can step up to the plate. Take a look at the clip below and watch Tinashe speak about her ladies who grab her attention.