Tinashe let Complex into her home for a feature about family, but her photo shoot is certainly not family first. It’s a fitting transition as the singer slowly makes her way toward stardom.

Tinashe, full name Tinashe Kachingwe, still lives at home with her family in a suburb 30 miles north of Los Angeles. As you can imagine, continuing to live a middle class life when you’re floating through the pop charts creates some difficulties, such as mysterious individuals leaving love notes on the family’s front porch.

Her family is unfazed by the trappings of fame, however. Her brother mentions Tinashe’s photo shoots and concerts in the same breath as his younger brother’s basketball games, as if each has the same weight as the other. To the family, they do.

Some other interesting bits from the feature include the fact that she wrote a song at 6 years old would become “Deep in the Night,” an interlude on Aquarius. Her talent was prescient. However, she’s still coming into her own, and soon may move out of the family home.

Listen to her most recent track "Energy" with Juicy J as she prepares for her next album.