Tinashe's new man Ben Simmons is the first time the singer has been public about dating anyone. Since they confirmed their relationship Tinashe has posted a few photos of them together on her Instagram feed and the emoji heart comments on each other's photos are no longer a surprise. The 25-year-old paid a visit to Ebro In The Morning today, where she talked about Ben how their relationship is still very fresh.

“It’s super new for me. Definitely weird, not used to it. Kind of makes me nervous, but yeah it’s fun, it’s exciting,” she said. “I feel like people were already talking so it’s like you can either try to hide it and be like no, no nothing’s happening. Or you can just be upfront with it. Like I was going to all his games and people would see me there.”

The "No Drama" singer has her anticipated Joyride album dropping tomorrow, April 13th and she gave a little speel on the behind-the-scenes of the music business and how crazy it can be. “There’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes, both from the creative perspective to the business perspective," she said. "Sometimes along the way, I was trying to get this album out, there was a little bit of creative discrepancies between me and my record label, whatever. There’s ebbs and flows—there’s me going through periods of time where I thought the album was done and then pushing myself to make it even better. So I’m glad it took all the time that it did ‘cause this is the best.”

Check out her full interview below.