Although American culture often places aspirations of romantic relationships over the platonic, having day-one friends is essential to a happy life. Tinashe is one of the lucky bunch of people who have nurtured longterm friendships. She shared a tribute to her best friend with her following in honor of this type of love.

The singer posted a sincere message to wish her friend a happy birthday. The note is attached to cute photos of the pair as kids, a testament to their enduring relationship.

"You know those special people you meet maybe once, twice, in a lifetime where you just KNOW they will be in your life forever..? That’s this girl for me. Alicia and I have been best friends now for like 17 years and imagining her ever NOT being around is unfathomable. She is the true definition of a REAL FRIEND, she has always always always been there for me through everything."

She notes how they have grown into different people in comparison to the old photos of the goofy cuties.

"The pic shows us at age 12 but honestly not much has changed. 😂🤓 Today she turns 25 so everyone wish her the best birthday ever. I love you forever @aliciaaa_mariee â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸"